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  • Skis come out of the mold flat, then tips are bent into place, causing a natural outward pressure
  • Preloaded tips absorb much of a bump’s load before it reaches the sled
  • While other plastic skis use rigid, bolted-on metal mounting saddles, the patented C & A all-plastic saddle is molded into the ski, allowing the most flex and reverse flex around
  • Simple 90° angles on a square keel and flat-bottom design floats on the snow instead of relying on engineered-in lift the way other skis do
  • Exclusive ball and cup ski tip loop assembly reduces rigidity and increases tip flexibility
  • Mounting kit must be purchased separately
  • Wearbars/ runners not included; see RUNNERS section for C & A applications
  • High-performance Razor Ski has been designed to provide aggressive control for experienced riders and racers
  • Features are very similar to the ADX ski but with "V" shaped outboard keels
  • Total weight is 6.6 lbs. (including handle)
Includes Mount kit for Yamaha Viper RTX,LTX,XTX 2014+
Wearbars, carbides sold separately

C&A RZ Ski package, Yamaha Viper

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