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  • Because of their unique filament materials, reflective technology, and proprietary coatings, PIAA bulbs offer far greater output than standard halogen bulbs
  • While standard halogen bulbs give off a yellowish light that's not at all similar to sunlight, PIAA's technology gives off a whiter, brighter light or piercing amber light, enhancing visibility
  • XTRA technology in Super Plasma and Star White bulbs allows light output to be dramatically higher than normal bulbs drawing the same wattage
  • Each bulb is factory tested, ensuring it's within PIAA's extremely high manufacturing tolerances and performance standards


  • For the look of HID there is nothing closer than the GT-X Super Plasma bulbs
  • With the H4 shining at 3800 to 5000K (Kelvin Color Temperature) and the H3 at 5000K, you will never sacrifice performance; with the XTRA technology, these bulbs have power to spare


  • Bulbs shine at 4150 Kelvin color temperature
  • Closest in brightness to PIAA's High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights


  • Bulbs shine at 4000 Kelvin color temperature
  • Provides a brilliant extreme cool white light

PIAA High Performance Halogen Bulbs

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