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Exclusive full-flared design gives optimum wind protection

  • Constructed of durable, impact resistant polycarbonate plasticstays flexible even in the cold
  • Available in a wide variety of styles for most models
  • Tint Series: translucent, see-through polycarbonate material
  • Chrome Series: exclusive vacuum-metalized coating will not scratch or peel (do not power wash)


2021Ski-DooExpedition Sport 600 EFI w/154" Track--2021Ski-DooRenegade 600R Adrenaline E-TEC w/137" Track--2021Ski-DooMX-Z 600 Sport w/129" Track--2021Ski-DooRenegade 600R X E-TEC w/137" Track--2021Ski-DooRenegade 600R Enduro E-TEC w/137" Track--2020-2021Ski-DooGrand Touring 600 Sport ACE w/137" Track--2020-2021Ski-DooExpedition 900 SE Turbo ACE w/154" Track--2020-2021Ski-DooExpedition 850 Xtreme E-TEC w/154" Track--2020-2021Ski-DooExpedition 900 LE Turbo ACE w/154" Track--2020Ski-DooExpedition 600R SE E-TEC w/154" Track--2020Ski-DooGrand Touring 600R LE E-TEC w/137" Track--2020Ski-DooExpedition 600R LE E-TEC w/154" Track--2019-2021Ski-DooRenegade 900 Adrenaline ACE w/137" Track--2019-2021Ski-DooRenegade 900 Adrenaline ACE Turbo w/137" Track--2019-2021Ski-DooRenegade 900 X-RS ACE Turbo w/137" Track--2019-2021Ski-DooSummit 600R SP E-TEC w/146" Track--2019-2021Ski-DooRenegade 900 X ACE Turbo w/137" Track--2019-2021Ski-DooMX-Z 600R X-RS E-TEC w/129" Track--2019-2021Ski-DooRenegade 850 Enduro E-TEC w/137" Track--2019-2021Ski-DooRenegade 900 Enduro ACE w/137" Track--2019-2021Ski-DooSummit 600R SP E-TEC w/154" Track--2019-2021Ski-DooRenegade 900 Enduro ACE Turbo w/137" Track--2019-2020Ski-DooGrand Touring 900 Limited ACE Turbo w/137" Track--2019-2020Ski-DooExpedition Sport 550 F--2019-2020Ski-DooGrand Touring 900 Limited ACE w/137" Track--2019, 2021Ski-DooGrand Touring 900 Sport ACE w/137" Track--2019Ski-DooExpedition 1200 LE 4-TEC w/154" Track--2019Ski-DooMX-Z 600R Blizzard E-TEC w/129" Track--2019Ski-DooExpedition 600 LE E-TEC--2019Ski-DooExpedition 800R Xtreme E-TEC--2019Ski-DooExpedition 600 SE E-TEC--2019Ski-DooExpedition 1200 SE 4-TEC w/154" Track--2019Ski-DooMX-ZX 600 H.O. E-TEC w/129" Track--2018, 2020-2021Ski-DooRenegade 850 X-RS E-TEC w/137" Track--2018, 2020-2021Ski-DooRenegade 850 Adrenaline E-TEC w/137" Track--2018Ski-DooFreeride 850R S-38 2.50 E-TEC w/154" Track--2018Ski-DooSummit 850 SP E-TEC w/154" Track--2018Ski-DooMX-Z 850 X-RS E-TEC w/129" Track--2018Ski-DooRenegade 850 Backcountry X E-TEC w/146" Track--2018Ski-DooSummit X 850 E-TEC w/165" Track--2018Ski-DooFreeride 850R 2.50 E-TEC w/165" Track--2018Ski-DooFreeride 850R 1.75 E-TEC w/137" Track--2018Ski-DooMX-Z 850 TNT E-TEC w/129" Track--2018Ski-DooSummit 850 SP E-TEC w/175" Track--2018Ski-DooSummit X 850 E-TEC w/175" Track--2018Ski-DooFreeride 850R 2.50 E-TEC w/154" Track--2018Ski-DooFreeride 850R 2.50 E-TEC w/146" Track--2018Ski-DooSummit X 850 E-TEC w/154" Track--2018Ski-DooMX-Z 850 X E-TEC w/129" Track--2018Ski-DooSummit 850 SP E-TEC w/146" Track--2018Ski-DooSummit 850 SP E-TEC w/165" Track--2018Ski-DooRenegade 850 Backcountry E-TEC w/146" Track--2018Ski-DooMX-Z 850 Blizzard E-TEC w/129" Track

Powermadd Cobra Windshields Ski Doo Gen 4

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