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Increase your comfort and reduce back strain with these adjustable snowmobile handlebar risers. By moving your handlebars forward and into a more natural and comfortable position you will enjoy wintertime more, and look forward to being on your sled with greater frequency.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Rox risers are NOT designed to be used with clip-on style handlebars! 2 inch pivoting handlebar Riser for 7/8" bars. These universal risers work great on ATVs, Dirt Bikes, and Motorcycles with a 7/8" bar. These will also work on snowmobiles that have flat plate steering stems. These risers allow you to pivot your bars forward and backward for your ultimate comfort. They will clamp into 7/8" stems and clamp stock 7/8" handlebars. Always check and confirm that your vehicle has adequate cable and brake line length before installing any handlebar risers.

Easy installation. All hardware included.

Universal application.

Notes for Rox Snowmobile Handlebar Risers:

  • Caution: First determine if you have adequate cable length before installing snowmobile handlebar risers
    • Amount of extra cable length varies based on make and model
      • It is recommended that you consult your local dealer
        • Important: After installation check for any binding or pinching of the control cables (throttle cable, brake hose/cable) etc. When you are sure nothing is binding, start machine, securely lifted and stabilized on jack stand, slowly turn handlebar from left to right, if the engine idle speed increases STOP HANDLEBARS, TURN OFF ENGINE, YOUR THROTTLE CABLE IS BINDING. Check throttle routing and length. You may have to adjust position of controls, or purchase extended cables.
        • Not responsible for injury or death resulting from improper installation! Thoroughly read and follow instructions.

Rox 2" Pivot Risers

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