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  • he first major breakthrough in wear bar technology since the 1950s
  • Unique corner-carving hourglass design yields better control at speed with no increased steering effort
  • Better tracking on trails - hourglass wear bar shape catches snow from ski sides to make steering more positive
  • Average of 1' - 2' tighter turning radius in soft snow conditions
  • 20% lighter than conventional 1/2" diameter round wear bars
  • Zinc-plated for corrosion resistance
  • Lifetime wear rate is nearly equal to current round and square wear bar types
  • Manufactured by Stud Boy
  • Designed and tested by USI
  • Some models require drilling extra holes in the skis.
  • Yamaha Apex 14-18/Sidewinder/Nytro 13-14/Vector 14-18

  • YAM-S2524-6 4612-0209

Stud Boy Shaper Bar 6" Yamaha Sidewinder/Apex/Vipeer/Vector

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