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Each of these dual carbide runners have two single runners mounted to a steel plate, producing a total of four contact lines on the terrain. These four blades with 60° carbide drastically reduce darting as they carve through existing grooves from single runners.

This design spreads the PSI across two points, which extends the life of the runner and eases steering. When turning, only one blade per dual runner will contact the terrain, acting like a pair of single runners.

Available with 4", 6", and 8" carbide per blade. Exceptions exist for runners with short lengths.


For your runner series number, see the CAD drawings with bolt pattern measurements


Fitment by Woodys Series #  



6550-Mountain Max 00-04, Phazer Mountain Lite 00-01, SRX00-03

6580-Apex 06-13,Nytro MTX 153/162 14, Nytro MTX SE 08-11, Nytro 

      ER,RTX,XTX,FX 06-12, Vector/Rage/Venture 05-13 all, SX Viper/

     Venom 02-06,VK Professional/RS Viking 07-12, Vmax 500/600/700

     Deluxe 01-03


9975-CAT SKI, SR Viper 14, SR Viper MTX/XTX LE 15, VIPER MTX 16,

Woody's Dooly Runners Yamaha

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