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Woody's entry level carbide runner featuring four inches of 60° carbide. Whether you're looking for a replacement factory runner, a cutting edge in hard-packed snow and ice, or to improve your safety & handling, this option is for you. For use on snowmobiles with un-studded to lightly studded tracks.

For your runner series number, see the CAD drawings with bolt pattern measurements

Sold Per Pair

Fitment by Woodys Series #  


6500- All composite skis 98-99

6550-Mountain Max 00-04, Phazer Mountain Lite 00-01, SRX00-03

6580-Apex 06-13,Nytro MTX 153/162 14, Nytro MTX SE 08-11, Nytro 

      ER,RTX,XTX,FX 06-12, Vector/Rage/Venture 05-13 all, SX Viper/

     Venom 02-06,VK Professional/RS Viking 07-12, Vmax 500/600/700

     Deluxe 01-03

6590-FX Nytro MTX 153/162 12-13, VK 540 1`8-19, VK Pro 13-17,

8500- TUNER SKIS. Apex 14-18 all, Nytro XTX/RTX 13-14, Phazer 

         RTX/XTX 14-18

         RS Vector/Venture 14-18, Sidewinder R-TX LE/SE, L-TXE/SE/DX,

         X-TX LE 137/141 17-19. SR Viper XTX SE/RTX/LTX/STX/ 15-19, SR

         Viper XTX LE 16, Venture 15-18. TUNER SKIS

8800-Sidewinder X-TXLE 141/B-TX LE 153, B-TX SE 153, M-TX SE 162

          17-19, SR Viper B-TX LE/M-TX SE 17

9975-CAT SKI, SR Viper 14, SR Viper MTX/XTX LE 15, VIPER MTX 16,

Woody's Extender Runners Yamaha

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